In the world of construction, it pays to have loyal companions you trust. Since 1983, that’s what clients have found at Tyler 2 Construction: dedicated pros who can handle whatever comes up, get better-than-expected results and make it fun along the way.

Over more than 38 years, we’ve grown from a specialty upfitter to a general contractor that runs with the big dogs. We’ve constructed more than 20 million square feet of new and renovated office space, retail, medical, light industrial and restaurant space. And we’re acknowledged as a construction specialist in high-rise occupied buildings.

When you’re not out in front, the scenery never changes, so we work hard to lead the pack. We do that by continuously earning the loyalty and trust of our clients with practical solutions, cost-consciousness and respect for the project. Tyler 2 stands by our work with a guarantee that the job will be completed as promised.



Behaviors are driven by the values individuals hold as well as those that are ingrained in the organization.
Tyler 2 Construction thrives with core values and the corresponding expected behaviors for each.

Our associates demonstrate truthful and honest behavior in every aspect of the business. A high level of trust exists among associates, clients, subcontractors and others who have contact with the company.

Our associates listen to and thoughtfully consider what others say. Associates, subcontractors and others are held accountable for their work. They are recognized for doing a good job and made aware of efforts that do not measure up, with an emphasis on improvement.

Associates care that all jobs are performed at the highest level of service possible.

Personal Responsibility
At Tyler 2, associates own our mistakes and failures, accepting responsibility for their work and the work of subcontractors and suppliers.

True Team Players
Associates are invested in the future of our company, our success and the success of our clients and subcontractors. We make others successful.

At Tyler 2, we enjoy our work and have fun doing it. We eat together and laugh with each other. We look for opportunities for fun, interactive experiences.

Qualified Associates
Tyler 2 associates are committed to personal and professional development. We are selective about who joins the company, asking only those to be on our team who are highly capable and who share our unique set of values.

Superior Financial Performance
Tyler 2 associates are accountable for offering and delivering the best service and best financial performance in the industry.

At Tyler 2, we love what we do – and we do whatever it takes to get the job done.


Every construction company will tell you they are the best at what they do. What makes us different? Aside from our sparkling personalities and addiction to perfection and outstanding flexibility and customer service, we deliver results. Take a peek below to see just how we do what we do.

General Contracting

Regardless of delivery method, we strive to beat your expectations with our safety, quality and project management processes. We have experience with the full range of possible delivery methods, ranging from hard bid where Tyler 2 has no involvement during the design phase, to integrated project delivery where Tyler 2 plays an integral role beginning early in the design process.

Exceptionally happy clients are the measurement of our success, so we focus on building strategic partnerships and collaborative solutions for a broad range of clients and project types. Our people are experts in managing everything from small renovations to multimillion-dollar programs in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, education, commercial/corporate office, retail, hospitality, industrial, and more.


Tyler 2 provides a full spectrum of preconstruction services, including design-build capability. From the use of BIM technology and sustainable construction practices to budget estimating, design reviews and more, our services vary based on project delivery method, market requirements and our unique client needs. What doesn’t vary are the results—detailed, accurate and complete data up front, allowing for informed decision-making, accurate cost control and schedule adherence from start to finish.

Budget Development and Estimating

Our clients want realistic budgeting, accurate documentation and ongoing cost reviews, so that’s our focus at Tyler 2. We collaborate with your team to develop an early, accurate budget using our estimating tools and historical databases, as well as timely information from the marketplace. You’ll also experience a continuous process of cost control beginning on the day we come on board, providing budget variance analysis, value analysis, schedule and constructability reviews along the way.

Value Analysis

Your design intent and goals come first; we support your goals with a proactive approach to cost analysis, identification of alternatives, construction feasibility, labor and material availability, and effect on the project schedule. We work with you to find viable design alternatives and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Constructability Review

Continuous analysis of the contract documents ensures that the design reflects the most economical approach to construction available.  We will work with you to proactively address and avoid costly constructability issues.

Construction in Specialized Environments

Occupied Spaces

When you can’t afford to interrupt workflow or daily business activities, and Tyler 2 Construction has experience handling critical issues of scheduling, cleanliness, and noise containment.  We do whatever it takes to minimize the impact of construction on our clients’ ongoing operations.

High Security, Critical Environment Work

When working in critical environments, Tyler 2 provides a high level of technical engineering expertise to prevent a loss of the systems that are critical to security and data operations.

Clinical Settings

We’ve constructed hundreds of projects for hospitals and private healthcare organizations that require well-defined safe practices for working within an active clinic.  We have experience tackling the unique challenges of healthcare construction in a way that ensures uninterrupted patient care as well as patient, staff and visitor safety.

Compressed Schedule

Our team understands the importance of meeting the hard deadlines associated with compressed schedules. Tyler 2 is nimble enough to accommodate accelerated or inflexible end dates.  We provide around-the-clock supervision and coordination of vendors, subcontractors, project designers, engineers, inspectors, and clients to assure that the project remains on track from start to finish.

ProCore Integrated Project Management Software

Tyler 2 Construction uses an integrated project management and accounting platform to track workflow, real-time data, documentation, tracking, and updates on status and cost for every project.  In turn, we are able to provide seamless product information and updates to our clients.

Procore serves as our in-house, web-based construction document plan system through which we instantly communicate bid requests, issue addenda, and assimilate and record as-built conditions. Our system is private and highly secure, accessible to only those provided with log-in information by our staff administrators.


Microsoft Project Scheduling software paired with ProCore, on every project, provides real-time scheduling updates. Custom-designed manpower, cash flow and other resource scheduling is available through this program.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Our primary concern is creating a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and everyone who works side-by-side with us. We have partnered with Safety Services of America, Inc., a Charlotte-based safety and risk management consulting firm, to administer our Corporate Safety Program.  We have developed and implemented a comprehensive written safety and risk management program specific to our company operations. In additional all field personnel are OSHA-30 certified.

We’ve found that building quality into the product creates a better pathway to excellence than inspecting and reworking once the project has been completed. In our mind, quality is more than measuring how well we comply to specifications.  Tyler 2 builds a team with clearly understood expectations for everyone involved in the project, including key contract document requirements, documenting the project’s quality challenges, and establishing how our team will overcome these challenges.

Forwarding Diversity

Your community is our community and we’re committed to providing meaningful and lasting benefits to the communities where we work. We’re an industry leader in promoting a diverse workforce and maximizing the participation of small-, women-, and minority owned business enterprises (SWMBE) on our projects.  We’ve demonstrated our commitment and ability to achieve local MBE and HUB participation goals, even for projects without mandated goals. This ultimately increases local employment and improved trade skills in the communities where the projects are located.


Tyler 2 Construction incorporates green building practices into each project we construct.  Our environmental sustainability program evolves constantly as new materials and practices are introduced to the construction industry. Our associates seek opportunities to use sustainable construction practices at little to no cost to our clients.

Our team embraces a holistic approach to addressing our companys impact on the environment.  We have integrated environmentally friendly practices not only into our construction activities, but also our day-to-day operations.

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Proverbs 31 Ministries

Supporting Proverbs 31 Ministries’ growth, Tyler 2 worked with their team to build a new corporate center in the build-to-suit core shell building being developed by Insite Properties. The upfit of this two-story 16,000 sq.ft. space in Matthews, NC included a two-story presentation area, open stairwell, stained concrete floor, sliding glass doors, a library and even a film studio.

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“I began raising guide dog puppies for the blind for a school in Florida in 2000. In 2003, my company was celebrating 20 years in business and I wanted a new, fresh look for our brand. I hired a PR firm to lead this effort and took one of my guide dogs in training with me to each meeting. As we developed a concept for the Tyler 2 brand, mixing personal passion with business passion, the inclusion of a canine theme was a natural, as they are loyal, friendly, true and, as such, inspire confidence in others and are always willing to help.

“Within guidelines (including behavioral and health/vaccination requirements), Tyler 2 associates may bring their dogs to the office daily. Our office was designed to be dog friendly. It has been a big plus to our work environment and corporate morale.”

Katie Tyler, Founder