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Molly Aldridge - Receptionist, Bird Dog

Been with the pack since:  2012
What’s your favorite thing about working at T2? The dogs!
What is your favorite breed of dog? Border Collie.
What’s your favorite hobby? Rescuing dogs in need- which is really more of a passion.  Favorite hobby is visiting with friends on Facebook.
How many pets do you have?  8 (7 dogs and 1 snarky cat!)
I’ve always wanted to... Travel to Europe.
I probably annoy people when I: Talk too much about my rescue dogs.
I always say:  Excellent!

With more than 14 years’ experience in construction, we welcomed Molly to the Tyler 2 team just this year, to act as our new Bird Dog.  As she has 7 dogs of her own (and one very annoyed cat), she’s the perfect fit for our kennel.


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