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YWCA Women in Transition Housing

YWCA Women in Transition Housing YWCA Women in Transition Housing YWCA Women in Transition Housing

3420 Park Road,
Charlotte, NC

21,000 sf

Laughing Dog Studio Architecture

You Can Go Home Again

Everyone deserves a place to call home.

Originally built to provide affordable, dormitory-style living to single, professional women, the YWCA’s Park Road facility was state-of-the-art when it opened in 1965. Over time, it became safe, affordable housing for women at risk of homelessness and fleeing abuse. In 2005, the YWCA raised funds to give the three residential floors and building’s structural components a long overdue “extreme makeover.” Tyler 2 Construction and Laughing Dog Studio Architecture joined forces to renovate the place women call “home” while they’re in transition.

The challenge: 

Due to limited maintenance funds, the 21,000 sf facility had been merely maintained – but not upgraded – for decades. The project’s scope grew quickly as structural problems were uncovered during demolition. For instance, the plumbing was in desperate need of replacement and repair, the roof leaked profusely, the only elevator was barely functional, and there were several critical safety issues.

Extensive water damage on the top floor of the building had been undetected prior to the start of the renovation. Since the problem surfaced after the project had begun, funds had not been budgeted for replacement or repair.

During the renovation process, it was imperative that the YWCA continue to house residents onsite and that business continue as usual at the rest of the facility, including the after-school programs and popular fitness center. Residents occupied two of the three floors at all times during construction.

The end result:

The safety and comfort of residents was paramount throughout construction.

Tyler 2 completed the interior project while the client worked to secure additional funding to repair water damage. Funding came through after completion of the interior renovation. After 12 months of construction, the new-and-improved structure was complete and is sheltering women – physically and emotionally – as it will for generations to come. There’s really no place like home.

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