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UNC Charlotte Rowe Hall

UNCC's Rowe Hall UNCC's Rowe Hall UNCC's Rowe Hall
9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte

10,500 sf

Tobin - Dudley, LLC

Theater Turns into Lecture Hall. Story at 11.
Lecture Hall Wakes People Up. Story at 11.

When the University of North Carolina at Charlotte decided to convert an aging theater and 10,500 sf of adjacent space into a contemporary lecture hall and additional classroom space, Tyler 2 won the competitive bid process. Key component: help create a lecture hall that didn’t put people to sleep.

The challenge:

One of the primary design elements of the new space was a signature lighting structure custom-designed to mimic the interior curves of the new space. This complex fixture was fabricated while the project was under construction so the means of installation were not clearly defined. To make an intricate project even more challenging, the team discovered an unsupported stage during demolition that needed to be completely rebuilt. Add to that, the entire renovation needed to be completed while adjacent classrooms were still in session, and you can see that this was an assignment for experts. Luckily, for UNC Charlotte, Tyler 2 was on the job. 

The end result:

This project got an A++ and extra credit to boot. We solved the lighting installation challenge by coordinating engineers, electricians and fabricators as a team to ensure an easy install. Using lasers and an enormous amount of pre-planning, the installation of this critical element went perfectly. We pumped flowable concrete in the space beneath the stage to provide required support so the lecture stage would meet code, and Tyler 2 was able to coordinate the installation of the concrete without disturbing the University Staff working in the building. So, what did the university think of the end result? “Tyler 2’s expertise in knowledge of work and planning ahead allowed us to answer questions early to prevent slow downs on a very tight schedule.”

Sounds like someone is the new teacher’s pet.

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