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UNC Charlotte Fire Suppression Installation

Holshouser Hall Fire Suppression UNCC Fire Supression UNCC Fire Suppression

9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte

318,000 sf

Aon Risk Solutions

Getting Schooled

UNC Charlotte – North Carolina’s urban research university – is an academic leader in the state’s higher education system. But some of the older residence halls needed an update to keep pace with the rest of the progressive university. Tyler 2 Construction worked with Aon Risk Solutions to upgrade the fire suppression system in a series of three 11-story residence halls; Holshouser, Sanford, and Moore.

The challenge:

Remove and upgrade existing fire suppression and fire alarm systems in an 11-story dormitory while students are away enjoying their summer vacation. We needed to hit the books for these jobs. We began by assembling a team to work on budgeting, cost analysis, value engineering, scheduling, constructability reviews, materials procurement, subcontractor pre-qualifications, and more.  The space needed to be refurbished, inspected, and ready for students to return for the academic year. 

The end result:

Finishing ahead of schedule and under budget meant Tyler 2 got an A+ on the assignment. In fact, the
Holshouser Hall project went so smoothly that UNC Charlotte asked us to replicate it in two other high-rise residence halls, Sanford and Moore Halls. We’re used to being the teachers’ pet.

Ultimately, the entire project means that more than 300,000 sf of student housing was equipped over the span of two summer breaks to detect and suppress fire and keep students safe. You could say it was a textbook example of how to finish a project on time and on budget.

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