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The Coastal Hilton Hotel Restaurant

The Coastal Restaurant The Coastal Restaurant The Coastal Restaurant The Coastal Restaurant The Coastal Restaurant

222 East Third Street
Charlotte, NC

6,700 sf

Kevin Joyce Design

One Part Beach, One Part Custom Lighting; Stir Until Perfect

Tyler 2 loves spending time in the kitchen and a good case in point is our renovation of the Hilton Hotel kitchen, bar, and open-air dining room in Uptown Charlotte. Designed by Kevin Joyce Design, this project was a combination of upscale design elements, custom-built fixtures and plaster walls finished with wave-washed sand. Sounds like our kind of project.

The challenge:

Every project has its unique challenges but when you’re asked to keep a busy hotel and restaurant open during renovation, you know you’re going to have your hands full. Luckily for the Stanford Hotel Group, the team at Tyler 2 is considered an industry expert at renovating buildings while occupied. Led by Construction Manager Timothy Williams, the team at Tyler 2 worked with an architect over 700 miles away, managed over 300 change orders, fabricated custom lighting fixtures in China from a designer in Raleigh, NC and still managed to reopen the restaurant on time.

The end result:

Can you spell success? I knew you could. 

Sculpted plaster walls resembling ocean-kissed sand dunes, combined with rotating multi-colored lighting created an impression of light reflecting from water and sand at different times of the day and night. Add to that a wall hanging of imported glass globes and you can almost hear the surf rolling in.

The combination of color, light, pattern and texture resulted in a visually stunning display of craftsmanship from the team at Tyler 2 that is as tempting to the eye as the food is to the palate. Tyler 2 was a key ingredient in leading the team to deliver an end result that exceeded expectations and over the course of the five-month project we met every challenge with professionalism and dedication.

Next time you’re in the Uptown area, you might want to check out a little bit of the coast right in the heart of Charlotte.

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