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Port City Java

Port City Java Port City Java Port City Java Port City Java Port City Java

214 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC


1,700 sf

David Ports Architect, Inc.

Big Buzz for a Small Space

Tyler 2 knows its beans when it comes to the Hearst Tower in Uptown Charlotte. We’ve completed successful upfits in the occupied high-rise before. Transforming a former art gallery into a new Port City Java designed by David Ports Architects, Inc., didn’t give us the jitters. Although we were excited about proving we could handle the perks that come with upfitting a coffee shop.

The challenge:

What can go wrong when you’re upfitting a coffee shop over the command center for high-rise security and operations? Well, a few things besides caffeine kept us up nights. First, plans had been created without an on-site visit, so there was a chance for surprises. And the plumbing work would be extensive even without surprises. Then construction revealed a two-foot void between the topping slab and the roof of the command center below. Oh, and there was the small matter of plan specifications that weren’t in line with the existing space, requiring adjustments to fit the fixtures and appliances. 

The end result:

When we hit complications, our familiarity with the facility plus the trust Tyler 2 had built with both the Owner and Building Management were worth more than a hill of beans. We removed the existing topping slab above the building’s command center, installed new plumbing and electrical systems and poured a new slab—with no disruption to security or operations, which made everybody happy. This also means plumbing and electrical systems will be accessible in the future without exposing piping or fixtures in the command center.

But wait, there’s more! We also tied the new plumbing system into the existing waste management line, resulting in, yes, cost savings. And despite the unexpected problems, we worked closely with third-party vendors and inspectors to open Port City Java on time.

Saving money, overcoming those unpleasant little surprises and opening on time, well, we think that’s worth raising a cup to celebrate. Latte all around!

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