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Johnson & Wales University

Johnson and Wales University Residence Halls Johnson and Wales University Residence Halls Johnson and Wales University Residence Halls Johnson and Wales University Residence Halls Johnson and Wales Johnson and Wales Johnson and Wales Johnson and Wales Johnson and Wales Johnson and Wales Johnson and Wales
215 South Cedar Street, Charlotte, NC


198,200 sf of residence halls
15,343 sf of student dining facilities
25,000 sf of library and student services

Little Diversified Architectural Consultants
The Winthrop Group


Rolling out the Red Carpet (and Unfurling the White Tablecloth)

The chefs and hospitality honchos of the future are trained today at Johnson & Wales University in uptown Charlotte. Current J&W students will one day run their own fine restaurants and welcome guests to five-star hotels. Tyler 2 Construction was part of the joint venture team that included FN Thompson, Little Diversified Architectural Consultants, The Winthrop Group and LS3P. Together, we designed and built a pleasing space for these celebrity chefs of tomorrow to live, work and study.

The challenge:

Timing is everything. When Johnson & Wales University announced the opening of a Charlotte campus, it was clear it was going to be an exciting addition to Charlotte’s architectural and cultural landscape. But the physical structure had to be ready for the members of the inaugural graduating class of 2006, who arrived in fall 2004. Tyler 2 was responsible for the upfit of nearly 200,000 interior sf of residence halls (in two 4-story buildings), more than 15,000 sf of student dining facilities, and 25,000 sf of service space including a library, computer labs, and student affairs and career center.

The 376-bed, 188-bath student housing had to be in move-in condition before students arrived. And, future chefs care about what and where they eat. The dining facility had to be open, and it had to function well.

The student dining facility, which is modeled after a food court, was in one of the new residence halls and had to be  constructed concurrently with the upfits of the student service facilities. All equipment was coming from a third-party vendor; Tyler 2 managed that vendor and oversaw equipment inspections.

In addition to an aggressive construction schedule, components of the HVAC system needed to be ordered well in advance … but not until the submittals for equipment were completed by the designer and approved by the University. The clock was ticking.

The solution:

The Tyler 2 team coordinated inspections and installation of all kitchen equipment to ensure proper code requirements were met. 

The team created and maintained a separate schedule for the central energy plant from the rest of the project to meet a seemingly impossible eight-week schedule. The plant was fully commissioned on schedule with the completion of the facilities. 

Through proactive communication, review, and management, the dining facility, kitchen, and student housing were completed to the full satisfaction of both the foodservice vendor and the University. And the ultimate audience – the students themselves – felt as welcomed as they will one day make their own diners and guests feel. That’s the kind of red carpet service Tyler 2 strives for.

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