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City West Commons

City West Commons City West Commons City West Commons City West Commons

1520 West Boulevard
Charlotte, NC

29,000 sf

Wagner Murray

A Showplace on a Budget

Developing neighborhoods sometimes have a lot stacked against them. City West Commons is a 29,000 sf shopping center in one of those developing neighborhoods near center-city Charlotte. Architectural firm Wagner Murray designed the complex, which came with a lot of built-in challenges. And the project was about to get even more complicated. 

The challenge:

City West Commons had all the earmarks of an underdog project—and Tyler 2 loves the underdog. Everything seemed stacked against completing the project on time and within budget. For starters, the budget was limited, funded by government dollars. The grand opening date was already set in stone, but the two shell buildings were already behind schedule. That’s enough underdog factors for any construction project.

Then the underdog factors went way up: The original scope of the project called for Tyler 2 to work with one contact person, the shopping center owner, to upfit ten retail shops. But as tenants signed leases, the project evolved into ten separate upfits for individual tenants.

The end result:

Underdog to Wonderdog
The City West project needed a superhero. Fortunately, Tyler 2 owns a cape. We coordinated with the ten tenants and their individual vendors to complete all upfits within the very tight schedule, which included working while the shell buildings were still under construction.

Did we finish on time? Of course. Every store opened in time to shine for the scheduled grand opening. And City West Commons continues to be a showplace for this developing area of the city at 1520 West Boulevard.

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