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Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group

Carlisle and Gallagher Carlisle and Gallagher Carlisle and Gallagher Carlisle and Gallagher Carlisle and Gallagher Carlisle and Gallagher

212 South Tryon Street, Charlotte

8,690 sf

Wash Hatem Nelson Architects

Going up? No Worries

What happens when a project hits the roof? That’s what Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group wanted to know when it was ready to expand its space …up. This project in an occupied, multi-story historic office building in Uptown Charlotte called for a dramatic high ceiling—in space that had already hit its limits.

The challenge:

Tyler 2 wasn’t willing to let little things like concrete beams, sprinkler mains and existing windows keep them from coming out on top in this project for Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group.  A centerpiece of this demolition and build-out plan by Wash Hatem Nelson Architects was the high, dramatic ceiling in the main lobby and reception area, a design that didn’t match the realities of construction. Achieving the look and feel everyone wanted would mean overcoming the restrictions of the existing ceiling deck height.

The end result:

Tyler 2 doesn’t let a little thing like ceilings keep us down. We worked closely with the architect during pre-planning and negotiated with the building owner, subcontractors and our client to redesign the above-ceiling roughs. Before construction began, we created a soffit around the lobby to house all the duct work and pipes that didn’t fit the clean, spacious look everyone envisioned. In the end, we kept costs to a minimum and topped off this elegant 8,690 sf space with an open, light-filled lobby with a dramatic ceiling design.

Did anybody hit the ceiling? Nope. Client, architect and building owner are over the top happy.

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