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Do you have a passion for excellence?

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Do you walk around with dog treats in your pocket?

You just might be a perfect fit for Tyler 2.


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Project Manager

Our PMs are true Guide Dogs.  They know how to say, "How high?", can manage 12 tasks and multiple teams at the same time, and keep the client happy.  If this sounds like you, you're the type of Project Manager we just might be interested in.  PMs work closely with owners, architects, superintendents and subcontractors, and handle estimating, procuring subcontracts, construction scheduling and management, material procurement, project reporting, cost reporting, punch lists, and closeouts upon project completion. Handing out dog treats is occasionally required.

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There's a reason we call our superintendents Hound Dogs.  With very strong scenting powers, they follow trails and demonstrate great stamina as they run down their quarry.  At Tyler 2, these hunting skills are a perfect fit.  Our Hound Dogs are responsible for the project site operations; managing the labor and material resources to ensure a clean, quality project gets completed on-schedule and on-budget.  If you do a fair Elvis impersonation, all the better.

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Job descriptions are not finite and are open to additional duties consistent with the Tyler 2 Construction teamwork concept.

Resumes can be submitted via email to info@tyler2construction.com.


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