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How We Do It

Every construction company will tell you they are the best at what they do. What makes us different? Glad you asked. Aside from our sparkling personalities and addiction to perfection, we deliver results. Take a peek below to see just how we do what we do.


Tyler 2 provides a full spectrum of preconstruction services, including design-build capability. Experience tells us that project success begins during preconstruction, so we've developed some of the most efficient and affordable preconstruction processes and tools in the industry. From the use of BIM technology and sustainable construction practices to budget estimating, design reviews and more, our services vary based on project delivery method, market requirements and our unique client needs. What doesn't vary are the results—detailed, accurate and complete data up front, allowing for informed decision-making, accurate cost control and schedule adherence from start to finish.

We don’t just “estimate” the project.  Our processes help reduce inherent risks, flush out coordination issues, and account for anticipated costs. We focus on helping clients balance the budget, schedule, and design for project success.

Budget Development and Estimating

Our clients want realistic budgeting, accurate documentation and ongoing cost reviews, so that's our focus at Tyler 2. We collaborate with your team to develop an early, accurate budget using our estimating tools and historical databases, as well as timely information from the marketplace. You'll also experience a continuous process of cost control beginning on the day we come on board, providing budget variance analysis, value analysis, schedule and constructability reviews along the way.

Value Analysis

Your design intent and goals come first; we support your goals with a proactive approach to cost analysis, identification of alternatives, construction feasibility, labor and material availability, and effect on the project schedule. During the value analysis review, all expenditures relating to construction, maintenance, operation, and replacement are considered; we suggest viable design alternatives to avoid unnecessary expenditures when doing so will serve your design.

Constructability Review

Continuous analysis of the contract documents ensures that the design reflects the most economical approach to construction available. The use of Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks BIM by Tyler 2 BIM specialists provide opportunities for the identification and mitigation of all construction issues. From the outset, our construction staff will evaluate the following basic criteria:

  • Can we build it using the current design?
  • What changes could be incorporated into the design to improve constructability or save time and money?
  • Can we deliver the project within the allotted time frame?
  • Can we help you avoid unnecessary change orders and delays?
  • Are the documents clear, the construction details efficient, and the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical drawings coordinated?
  • Regardless of delivery method, we strive to beat your expectations with our safety, quality and project management processes. We have experience with the full range of possible delivery methods, ranging from hard bid where Tyler 2 has no involvement during the design phase, to integrated project delivery where Tyler 2 plays an integral role beginning early in the design process.
Construction Services

Regardless of delivery method, we strive to beat your expectations with our safety, quality and project management processes. We have experience with the full range of possible delivery methods, ranging from hard bid where Tyler 2 has no involvement during the design phase, to integrated project delivery where Tyler 2 plays an integral role beginning early in the design process.

General Contracting

Exceptionally happy clients are the measurement of our success, so we focus on building strategic partnerships and collaborative solutions for a broad range of clients and project types. Our people are experts in managing everything from small renovations to multimillion-dollar programs in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, education, commercial/corporate office, retail, hospitality and more.

We accomplish this with project teams that are comprised of both project management and site supervision professionals and support from our in-house construction team. Our personnel manage all on-site aspects of the project including subcontractors, cost control and communication with the owner and architect. Our project teams are accessible to clients and dedicated throughout each project’s life cycle.

Tyler 2 operates with an open book approach, in which you have access to all of our project documents and are made aware of aesthetic, schedule and cost trade-offs before making program and design decisions. You have the opportunity to be involved at each stage of the process from pre-construction and trade contractor selection through construction and closeout.

Construction Management at Risk

We perform construction manager at-risk services under a variety of guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contract structures, working with our clients to develop a risk structure that works for everyone. Our approach to at-risk work provides owners with the benefits of our technical services, project management and site supervision together with a guarantee of the price and/or project schedule.

During the CM process, Tyler 2 Construction is involved with the owner, architect and consultants from conceptual design through construction and until the facility is operational and occupied. Tyler 2 Construction's diversified services offer clients complete control over cost, schedule, constructability, quality, start-up and warranties.

Forwarding Diversity

Your community is our community and we're committed to providing meaningful and lasting benefits to the communities where we work. We're an industry leader in promoting a diverse workforce and maximizing the participation of small, women, and minority owned business enterprises (SWMBE) on our projects.  We've demonstrated our commitment and ability to achieve local MBE and HUB participation goals, even for projects without mandated goals. This ultimately increases local employment and improved trade skills in the communities where the projects are located.

Construction in Specialized Environments
Expediting Completion: Compressed Schedules

Our team understands the importance of meeting the hard deadlines associated with compressed schedules. Tyler 2 is nimble enough to accommodate accelerated or inflexible end dates.  We provide around-the-clock supervision and coordination of vendors, subcontractors, project designers, engineers, inspectors and clients to assure that the project remains on track from start to finish.

Minimizing Disturbance: Occupied Spaces

When you can’t afford to interrupt workflow or daily business activities, Tyler 2 Construction has experience handling critical issues of scheduling, cleanliness and noise containment.  When our clients cannot afford to sacrifice space or stop working during a construction project, our solution is to work when our clients don’t, including nights and weekends when necessary.

Maintaining Services: High Security, Critical Environment Work

When working in critical environments, Tyler 2 provides a high level of technical engineering expertise to prevent a loss of the systems that are critical to security and data operations.

Protecting Patients: Active Clinical Areas (or Clinical Settings) 

Tyler 2 has constructed hundreds of projects for hospitals and private healthcare organizations that require well-defined safe practices for working within an active clinic.  We have experience tackling the unique challenges of healthcare construction in a way that ensures uninterrupted patient care as well as patient, staff and visitor safety.

We've built an unsurpassed knowledge-base of healthcare construction know-how, proven methods of delivery and reliable results. Our clients benefit from our risk mitigation and proactive solutions.  To accomplish this, we use Project Execution Plans (PEP), Infection Control Plans, Quality Management Plans, and Safety & Environmental Management Plans. Tyler 2 also works closely with the team to ensure all DHSR requirements are enforced and documented for proper state approval at the time of completion, in addition to all requirements for lead and equipment compliance.

Efficiency Through Technology
Integrated Project Management and Accounting Systems

Tyler 2 Construction uses an integrated project management and accounting platform to track workflow and cost for every project.  We leverage all of the system's capabilities for:

  • Workflow management from conceptual estimating through project completion
  • Real-time information on commitments and cost
  •  Incorporation of client-specific procedures and documentation
  • Document imaging
  • Tracking and updating the status of submittals, contracts, subcontracts, RFIs, RFCs, COs, pay applications and subcontractor invoicing
  • Managing and maintaining meeting minutes and correspondence
  • Accounting system integration ensuring live, up-to-date information.
  • Labor and material breakdowns
  • Scope descriptions by easily referenced CSI codes
  • Close-out document organization

In addition, we can customize existing reports or write reports for virtually every situation.      

The Paperless Trail

Tyler 2 Construction adopted a paperless workflow system in 2006, which provides the most up-to-date information for the life of the project.  Our virtual workflow ensures the most efficient tracking and payment of subcontractor costs, change orders, submittals, insurance certificates, lien waivers, and payment applications.


Microsoft Project Scheduling software, in use both at our offices and on every jobsite, provides monthly and weekly scheduling updates. Custom-designed manpower, cash flow and other resource scheduling is available through this program.

Microsoft Project allows Tyler 2 the flexibility to perform the following tasks for both Preconstruction and Construction:

  • Start and finish dates for the project and its components
  • Defines the actual working hours
  • Lists each task of the project
  • Schedules tasks linking them to predecessors or successors
  • Addition of Milestones and Critical Tasks
  • Set deadlines and constraints
  • Track the percentage completed work on any given task
  • Project phasing
  • Baseline to actual progress tracking
Virtual Planroom System

Tyler 2 has an in-house, web-based construction document plan system through which we instantly communicate bid requests, issue addenda and assimilate and record as-built conditions. Our system is private and highly secure, accessible to only those provided with log-in information by our staff administrators.  Bulletin drawings are distributed to the on-site team as they become available, keeping the project on schedule.

BIM Capabilities

Tyler 2 Construction leverages Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools to visualize and coordinate project conditions during the planning, design, construction and building operation. We provide comprehensive BIM services including visualization, conflict and interference detection between building systems, scheduling and phasing coordination, streamlined work flow and site logistics, increased safety, estimating and quantity extraction, scope clarification and exact as-built drawings. 

We create graphical digital models of our projects before we physically build them in the field.  BIM enhances constructability reviews and clash detection, saves time, and reduces cost by elimination of errors before they impact the project. Multiple team members contribute to models, adding expertise and value to you and your project.  BIM serves a variety of needs from owner real estate management, to planning, programming, design, construction, commissioning, closeout, move in and operation.

Safety and Quality Assurance
Safety Program and Policies

Our primary concern is creating a safe and healthful working environment for our employees and everyone who works side-by-side with us.

We have retained the services of Safety Services of America, Inc., a Charlotte-based safety and risk management consulting firm, to administer our Corporate Safety Program.  We have developed and implemented a comprehensive written safety and risk management program specific to our company operations. Regular formal training sessions are conducted for our supervisory personnel addressing OSHA construction standards as well as other topics like toxic mold and antisocial behavior. We regularly conduct unscheduled safety inspections at our job sites. 

We aim for an efficient, productive construction effort incorporating safe working methods and a strong safety consciousness by all our employees, subcontractors, and material suppliers.

Quality Management

We've found that building quality into the product creates a better pathway to excellence than inspecting and reworking once the project has been completed. In our mind, quality is more than measuring how well we comply to specifications. Tyler 2 builds a team with clearly understood expectations for everyone involved in the project, including key contract document requirements, documenting the project's quality challenges, and establishing how our team will overcome these challenges.

Sustainable Construction Program

Tyler 2 Construction incorporates green building practices into each project we construct.  Our environmental sustainability program evolves constantly as new materials and practices are introduced to the construction industry.  Tyler 2 associates scout for opportunities to use sustainable construction practices at little to no cost to the owner.

Our in-house LEED Accredited Professionals encourage all clients and partners to incorporate sustainable design and green construction methods. With our resume of sustainable buildings, we bring an understanding of potential cost implications, as well subcontractor and vendor relationships to reach the desired sustainability or certification levelstreamline dingED Certification

For every project seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)  Certification, Tyler 2 Construction ensures that our associates, subcontractors, suppliers, and all parties involved are familiar with the most current requirements, procedures, and documentation required by the USGBC, LEED Administrator, and Commissioning Agent.  We document and communicate each party's responsibilities up front.

We participate at the earliest opportunity in the planning and design of the project, working with the design team and commissioning agent to develop the LEED scorecard, identify potential risk factors as well as opportunities to pick up additional points.

Tyler 2 Green Initiatives

Tyler 2 Construction embraces a holistic approach to addressing our company’s impact on the environment.  We have integrated environmentally friendly practices not only into our construction activities, but also our day-to-day operations. Following are the internal changes / enhancements we have implemented to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • We built our building in 2005 with the intention of maximum use of natural light, minimal site disruption, protection of old growth trees, a wetland with retention pond, use of native plants in landscaping, and location adjacent to Charlotte’s light-rail and bus transportation. 
  • We manage our office HVAC use with time and temperature sensitive controls which monitor the system during and after business hours.
  • We provide coffee mugs, drinking glasses, plates and cutlery that are washed and reused in lieu of disposable products.
  • We encourage conservation whenever possible, including two-sided copies, electronic communications and electronic document management.
  • We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum and construction debris as allowed.
  • On our property we provide, in partnership with the City of Charlotte, the location for a neighborhood recycling dumpster allowing our neighbors to implement recycling programs in their businesses.
  • We grow our own organic produce. Tyler 2 employees participate in our very own community gardening program, providing us with sustainable and fresh produce for our pack members and their families.

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