Top Dog Award

Tyler 2 created the Top Dog award in 2006 as a way of recognizing associates who embody the core values of Tyler 2 Construction in their day-to-day work efforts. Tyler 2 teammates formally recognize each other for actions above and beyond expectations by exchanging 'Tail Wagger Awards.'

At the end of each year, results are tallied and the associate with the highest level of recognition earns the 'Top Dog' title for that year (as well as fancy hard hat with custom 'Top Dog' sticker and cash bonus). The Top Dog award is the most prestigious recognition at Tyler 2 Construction, particularly meaningful because the recipient is chosen by his or her co-workers.

For 2018, Kurt Heim earned the Top Dog Award.  Over a 12-month period, Kurt was recognized by his Tyler 2 teammates actions above and beyond expectations. His efforts created “WOW” moments for clients and co-workers. Kurt was repeatedly recognized by his colleagues for embodying a true team player and displaying a real passion for his work. That's a double "woof" in our book!



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